Saturday, June 21, 2008

Documentary Requirements

If the corporations that we're handling have to submit their financial statements stamped received by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue in cases where they have to apply for certain processes, I and my fiance will have to secure our baptismal and confirmation certificates stamped for marriage purposes only. Well, what an analogy!
Just thought that the process of getting married gets more and more tedious. Add to that the fact that it's getting super expensive.
Will leave now to secure those certificates. Good thing that the parish offices are open even on weekends.


Berryblitz said...

nakakalito talga. plus dagdag mo pa yung mga expiration dates ng mga documents na ilalakad mo for the wedding. nakakaloka...

Anonymous said...

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caryn said...

goodluck on your wedding preps! i had a hard time of it too when i tried to organize my wedding from tokyo 4 years ago ;-) sometimes local officials can really be exasperating. we got our license on the day of the wedding itself! ;-)