Friday, May 30, 2008


Just to let you know that I was able to drop by.. Imagine, me dropping by my blog?

Well, I've been soooooooooo busy lately. There were several tasks that I had to finish..asap! Talk about pleadings, reportorial requirements, meetings, etc. Oh my, glad that I was able to post something now. But I still have tons of tasks to do. Will try really hard to catch up on the tags. I'm really sorry. I know how you all patiently posted the tags that I have given you.

To those who have plans of getting married, it really pays to start planning early. In my case, since I have booked the major suppliers already, I could rest assured that my wedding will still be okay despite my uber busy schedule. At this point in time, I really would not be able to squeeze in some time to meet suppliers.

How about you? How have you been doing? Will visit your blogs as soon as my workload becomes a little light.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding Favor

I'm sorry, I really have a bunch of concerns about weddings. It's only a few months about our wedding and we still have not finalized the list of entourage. Another thing that we still don't have is the wedding favor.

Whenever I attend weddings, I always look forward to the distribution of the souvenirs. :) Now, that it's the time for me to give them away, I also want them to be really special. I know how it feels to be the recipient. :)

May I, once again, ask for your suggestion? Is it okay to give something edible like chocolate or cupcake? Or would you suggest the usual display items?

Article Writer

To those who love writing, here's another chance for you to earn from something that you enjoy doing.

Article Submission Program is another venue for your writing skills. Here, you will be given the opportunity to write about certain topics. Articles must consist of 350-500 words. Instead of posting the article in your blogs, the same will be posted into a live database. It seems really interesting.

Payment is pegged at US$5 per article. The same is made via Paypal every 5th of the month.

Go find an opportunity to write now. :)

Second Photographer

Do you still remember my asking your opinion about getting a second photographer?

We have finally decided to get one. The second photographer gave us a very reasonable rate. I've also seen some of the wedding pictures that he had taken.

Wedding Fair

The bridal fair at the SMX, SM Mall of Asia will be on May 17-18, 2008. Aside from that, there will also be a wedding fair on June 7-8 at the A. Venue.

As always, I would advise that bookings be made during the said fairs because suppliers do give out discounts and freebies.

Happy preps!

New Community

I was just trying my luck when I decided to look for some sponsored opportunities. I'm glad I tried.

I was able to read about a new social community, the Social Spark. What's good about it is it does not only allow you to meet people and get connected with your friends. It provides for a marketplace where its member-bloggers could earn.

At Social Spark, one will be able to get some blogging opportunites and earn some extra income. The advertisers, on the other hand, may find here the appropriate blogs where they would like their ads to be placed.

SocialSpark seems to be really interesting. In fact, I have signed up the moment I read about it. That's the reason why I am now sharing the news with you so you would also see its features.

By the way, since I mentioned that I was just lucky to have seen the opportunity to write about this new social community, I would like to share with you the profile of the latest blogger who had visited Social Spark. It's I hope that blogging-buddha could also give me lots of luck that would allow to write for a handful of advertisers.

I hope that you could try it as well.

This paid post is brought to you by IZEA.

Cupcake Tower

I was able to read about some brides choosing to have cupcake towers instead of cakes for their weddings. Some even have the cupcakes boxed and have the same as their give-aways.

I would want to ask your opinion regarding this. Would it be better to have the cupcake tower? Some say that a cupcake tower would be better because it will be made of all edible cupcakes. On the contrary, the traditional wedding cake would usually have 1 layer of edible cake only.


With our ballooning wedding budget, an instant $600 would greatly help.

Weight Loss

No, despite my being busy for the past weeks, I haven't lost some weight.

A few months to go before our wedding but still, I haven't shed the pounds that I promised to lose since January. What makes it more difficult is my tendency to eat more when I'm stressed.

Can you give me some tips?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Work at Home

The title is actually my wish..