Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding Favor

I'm sorry, I really have a bunch of concerns about weddings. It's only a few months about our wedding and we still have not finalized the list of entourage. Another thing that we still don't have is the wedding favor.

Whenever I attend weddings, I always look forward to the distribution of the souvenirs. :) Now, that it's the time for me to give them away, I also want them to be really special. I know how it feels to be the recipient. :)

May I, once again, ask for your suggestion? Is it okay to give something edible like chocolate or cupcake? Or would you suggest the usual display items?


cris said...

Hi! Got here from Steph's blog. I'm about to get married too. :) We're considering on giving away cupcakes (saw this from your previous entry too) or chocolates/candies like the ones in the Martha Stewart wedding mags.

Jessica said...

I think chocolates are good ideas. But I guess it depends on your country and traditions :)

Sebastian said...

I do think display items are a good idea, they keep reminding you of those memories. in this case, that special wedding.

Wish you the best in your preparations.

Berryblitz said...

I don't really think edibles are good as non-edibles.

I have attended my friends and relatives wedding. Some of them gives non-edible wedding favor. I display them on the bedroom mirror cabinet. And everytime I see those items, I remember their wedding.

You see, all things eaten are forgoten. Unless you give them an edible favor that they won't forget the taste. Hmmm like a whole cake :) they sure won't forget someone having whole cakes as their wedding favor.

But it's really up to you.

Filipino in Canada said...

i agree that non-edibles are better than edibles. its nice to have something to hold on to, to remember a special event.

i got my souvenir from Artsy Creatures. they make really nice wedding souvenirs at a very reasonable price.

theworkingmom said...

Hi Happy! It really depends on you. It's even OK not to have giveaways and just donate to charity. Sometimes kasi, some giveaways do tend to become dust collectors in the end.