Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Community

I was just trying my luck when I decided to look for some sponsored opportunities. I'm glad I tried.

I was able to read about a new social community, the Social Spark. What's good about it is it does not only allow you to meet people and get connected with your friends. It provides for a marketplace where its member-bloggers could earn.

At Social Spark, one will be able to get some blogging opportunites and earn some extra income. The advertisers, on the other hand, may find here the appropriate blogs where they would like their ads to be placed.

SocialSpark seems to be really interesting. In fact, I have signed up the moment I read about it. That's the reason why I am now sharing the news with you so you would also see its features.

By the way, since I mentioned that I was just lucky to have seen the opportunity to write about this new social community, I would like to share with you the profile of the latest blogger who had visited Social Spark. It's I hope that blogging-buddha could also give me lots of luck that would allow to write for a handful of advertisers.

I hope that you could try it as well.

This paid post is brought to you by IZEA.

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