Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cupcake Tower

I was able to read about some brides choosing to have cupcake towers instead of cakes for their weddings. Some even have the cupcakes boxed and have the same as their give-aways.

I would want to ask your opinion regarding this. Would it be better to have the cupcake tower? Some say that a cupcake tower would be better because it will be made of all edible cupcakes. On the contrary, the traditional wedding cake would usually have 1 layer of edible cake only.


sindhu said...

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Berryblitz said...

yung 1 layer lang na puedeng kainin, then the rest is styro... puede ka naman order na buong cake edible. mas mahal nga lang.

pero hmmm cupcake tower. i thought of having that too before. but with some people's opinion, i ended up not ordering it. my reasons...

1. nagtitipid ako. the tower cost atleast 12k.

2. agawan. baka mamaya yung mga hindi mo nabigyan may masabi pa. or merong mga bata na kukuha na lang ng cupcake kahit hindi mo pa ipamimigay. wala ng magbabantay pagdating sa day na yun.

3. if you are not getting a giant cake, your guest would not remember it after some days.

i ordered my cake at Vienna cakes. yung image ng cake namin is at

well tipid mode. maliit yung cake pero hindi ako nagsisi. sarap kc eh. and hindi nasayang money ko. nasa tyan na namin yung cake hahaha...