Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Apartment 1B

This day started to be very stressful. To temporarily forget about the tasks for the day, my officemates and I decided to eat lunch at Apartment 1B.

Seeing the ground floor, I thought that there was nothing special about the place. That opinion changed a bit when I saw the very comfy second floor. One can stay on a couch in one corner while couples can stay on the small table.

Of course, that was not enough to judge the restaurant. On to the food test..the food was good. You may try their lamb ribs and eggs benedict. Their Toblerone cheesecake was also good. I'm sorry, I was not able to take some pictures.

To those who work in the Makati area, I must suggest that you try it. Quite expensive but it will be worth it.

Actually, I think I'm one of the last to try it. :)

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toby said...

Thanks for the info. I'll try it one day