Tuesday, April 8, 2008

White Box World

Blogging has allowed me to discover a lot of new things--things that seemed to be too technical to me, back then.

One thing that I have learned through my readings of the different buzz and marketing blogs is the existence of several marketing search sites. Before, when it comes to search, only Google's name comes to the surface. Now, I learned that there are other sites which offer not only a readily available user generated content, but also some videos that can be downloaded as podcasts.
A marketing search that will be made in a site that was made especially for it, will definitely yield positive results. Both the investment professionals' and the industry's insights are taken into consideration in order to provide the appropriate trends and opportunities. A search site that is worth mentioning is http://www.media.3i.com/. The site provides not only the said information, but also the pertinent podcasts that can be downloaded. The podcast search is made through the White box world.
As a whole, the site boasts of its user generated content, a podcast for every topic and the pertinent podcasts and its wide contact base that allows it to connect the media giants and online pioneers worldwide. With the said factors in hand, the search in their White box world would definitely give any marketing searcher the much needed information.

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