Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hello! :)

I failed to post in this blog for several days now. I've been very busy this week. I'll be doing the tags as soon as I can. I'll also be visiting your blogs soon.


toby said...

May tag ako sa iyo

Berryblitz said...

ako ren very busy kaya eto... ngayon lang nakakasilip sa mga blogs ng iba hehehe

hi :)

Vincent Bautista said...

hi! Like you I've also been very busy so I wasn't able to hop recently hehehe.

I was busy designing my new blog. If you have the time, could you please update My Nurse's Notes to Angel in the Sickroom and the URL is

The name is quite long hehehe.
I've already added you to my links. Thanks and have a great week!^_^