Monday, February 25, 2008

2007 Bar Exam Results

Last year, I was a constant visitor of Atty. Fred's site. I was one of those who patiently read every comment posted at Atty. Fred's site regarding the possible date of release of the results of the Bar Examinations.

Rather than being a very proud person, hurdling the Bar Examinations made me a humbler one. Of course, I was very grateful to God for giving me the blessing of passing the Bar Exams. After sharing the joy with my family, however, I got back to the reality that most of my friends didn't make it. Incomplete happiness - this was what I felt that time. I even felt guilty. But, being the nice persons that they are, my friends even congratulated me and asked me to celebrate the blessing that God has given me. Even in their grief, they understood how I felt. They didn't want to deprive me of the opportunity to be overfilled with happiness. I, however, simply cannot celebrate knowing that they were at their lowest.

Now that the results of the 2007 Bar Examinations will be coming out, I pray that they hurdle it this time. I know how hard it was to be taking the exams for the second time. May the Lord grant them the blessing of passing the 2007 Bar Examinations ( I have to be specific).

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