Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Lost My Cellphone!!!

I'm so sad now..I lost my cellphone.
Losing a cellphone nowadays would actually mean losing a part of oneself. One loses not only a gadget which is used in calling and texting. One loses the tons of contact numbers, pictures, schedules or even the sweet messages of a loved one that one has kept for a long time.

Well, my phone was not so high-tech. It's a Nokia 6280. What made it super special was the fact that I bought it with my first salary. That phone actually gave me a certain feeling of fulfillment. Well, sometimes one can really become so attached with small things.

The better part of it is realizing how much your loved ones care for you. Upon learning the loss of my phone, my dad volunteered to give me his extra phone. Again, it may just be such a small stuff for some. That, however, means a lot to me.

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