Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Paulo Clemente

Wedding preparations may be stressful at times. One has to go through a lot of research, really. For a particular wedding detail alone, one has to meet several suppliers in order to know what each one has to offer. Meeting suppliers, however, is actually the better part of it.

One of the suppliers that I'm glad to have met was Mr. Paulo Clemente. His intention to help the couples in their wedding preparations was genuine. Even after informing him that we would no longer avail of the services of Angel's Wink, he still sent me some e-mails and text messages asking me how the wedding preparations have been going on. That genuine concern, I would say, is priceless. To the people, especially the brides, who had been witnesses to the kindness of Mr. Pau's heart, it is now the time to say our final goodbyes.

"Goodbye, Mr. Pau. The Wedding Community Will Surely Miss You."

To those who are in the middle of their wedding preparations, do enjoy your meetings with your prospective suppliers. You may not be able to book all of them, but you will surely win a new friend or two.

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