Sunday, February 24, 2008

Starting It Out

Starting things out.

Just like any other thing, starting at a new activity in your life would require lots of patience, hard work and courage. Blogging, may have been around for years now, but I have to admit that it’s only this year that I have contemplated on seriously keeping one.

I had created a blog account about two years ago. After my first post, I already forgot what my username and password were. Now, seeing the blogs that I had visited at that time, I regret not having kept my previous blog. I could have, just like them, documented the things that happened in the past couple years. I could have shared with other people my opinions and views on certain matters.

Well, I know it is not too late yet. That’s the reason why I am here now. As they say, everything just needs some getting used to. I hope you will all be there to see me improve by the day and to remind me of my self-imposed undertaking to keep this blog.

Thanks and I hope to see you here often. Wink

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