Friday, March 7, 2008

Danny Noriega is Out

Danny Noriega. I'm not sure if he has a following here. While he became one of the controversial American Idol contestants, he, unfortunately did not make it to the Final 12.

His Filipino sounding surname has caused a stir. There are some forums were some Filipinos claim that Noriega is a Filipino. Some of those who replied reacted negatively, saying that Filipinos have this thing about claiming every person who has a Spanish sounding surname to be one of them.

You may see him sing here.

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Berryblitz said...

Si Malubay lang raw ang Pinoy hmmmm. Kasi kung pati si Noriega Pinoy, dapat nifefeature ren sya ng Qtv (Channel 11). Pero si Malubay lang talaga yung nifefeature nila.

I think ah hehehe...

By the way, I also have a tag for you at i have a tag for you at :)