Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not So Happy about the Bar Exam Results

I am not so happy about the Bar Exam Results.

Not all of my friends who took it for the second time passed. While I am happy for those who made it this time, still, I cannot be completely happy.

I'm sorry that I had to emphasize that my friends took it for the second time. I just had to say it because the first time they took it, their grades were already in the 74.9_ range. One of them was .02 away from making the 75 mark.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court released the 2007 Bar Exam results. Out of the more than 5,000 examinees, only 5% "originally" passed the exams. In view of the same, the passing grade was lowered from 75 to 70. The passing rate went up to about 22%.

I naturally feel for my friends who almost made it the first time they took the bar exams. While more than 1,000 examinees were made happy by the lowering of the passing rate, I cannot help but think that it is quite unfair to those who took the bar exams in the previous years. Well, that goes especially to my friends who were just a fraction of a point away from the 75 mark.

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Janice said...

hello happy! thanks for the comment on my blog.. i agree with you, it's quite unfair to those who got grades around 70 - 74.9 before on their bar exam.. I think it's not necessary to lower the passing grade just because the result was so disappointing (5%). They should stick to the passing grade to be fair with the previous bar exam takers. If it's only 5% then accept it's 5% and just hope that the percentage of the next batch of passers would be higher..