Monday, March 3, 2008


As a new blogger, the idea of money blogging came as a pleasant surprise. Being the new blogger that I am, I started to read about the paid to review sites.

Snapbomb is a new get paid to review site. To get started , one has to create an account at their site. Once an account is created, one will be asked to enter his blog/s. Snapbomb will then proceed to make a valuation of every blog based on its: (1) popularity, (2) expertise in a field, and (3) its audience size and reach. The good news is, Snapbomb does not require that a blog has to be at least 3 months old. Being indexed by Google, likewise, is not required.

Snapbomb does not require that a blogger disclose that he is writing a sponsored post. Considering the importance of honesty in blog marketing, however, Snapbomb recommends that such disclosure be made.

Getting paid for a sponsored post for Snapbomb should not also come as a problem. Payments are at Net 60 and are paid through paypal or check every 1st and 16th of the month. If you want to know how much value will be given to your blog, simply sign up now.


PinaySmile said...

Hi there! I just read ur comments about my Snapbomb post. Yes, I got some value with that post I post. How about u?

Offbeat News said...

Hi I just read your comments about my snapbomb post, yes I have received value with that post.

PinaySmile said...

Thanks for stopping by again. Really u didn't get any value with that post. Just curious how much the base value of your blog? Anyway, my post about snapbomb I posted it in my other blog here the link I got 2 blogs thats why u confused. You wanna x-link? Let me know.

The Wifey Diaries said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. It's good to know you signed up for Snapbomb as well. Good luck!

Pinaysmile said...

I see. I just keep on blogging in the end you will get value for ur blog. Actually, I'm also a new blogger and I need to learn far my blog value in snap site is $11-76- $47 something.

Oh yeah, u said u added me in ur blog roll list but when I check it my name is not there. So I dont know what name u use. he he he

maver said...

hi there.

thanks for dropping by at

thanks for this info too. should come in handy if and when i decide to get into this.

just got my feet wet in the blogosphere. would love to get pointers from you.

link away...:)

p.s. i tested the valuation thingy in snapbomb and got a pathetic zilch. hahaha.

Pinaysmile said...

Hey! thanks for adding me in ur list. I will add u in my 2 blogs too after I send this mgs. See ya!